NAFDMA – farmers inspired is a membership based trade association dedicated to providing endless peer-to-peer learning opportunities, connections and resources, for farmers who are passionate about the business of agritourism and farm direct marketing.

Joining NAFDMA has been the single most vital decision we have made in the success of our farm. Over the last 5 years in our “NAFDMA Family” we have grown by leaps and bounds. We have quadrupled our revenue since joining NAFDMA and Bob has been able to fulfill his lifelong dream of farming full time and being able to support his family while doing it!”

– Sarah Ricci, Bob’s Corn & Pumpkin Farm, Snohomish, Washington, member since 2009


Increase your bottom line? We can help!

farmers inspired has been supporting farmers since 1986 with improving their marketing and business practices, expanding into new ventures, increasing their customer base, and making their current business all it can be.

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Share the experience of farmers inspired members

Connect with like-minded people to discuss your challenges and your triumphs. farmers inspired members are passionate about what they do, and equally passionate about supporting each others success.

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Renew your inspiration, expand your success!

Whether you are a new farmer working to become full-time, an experienced farmer looking for new ideas, or you are working or advocating to support farms and farmers – farmers inspired can assist you.

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