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North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association
farmers inspired
62 White Loaf Road
Southampton, MA 01073

Membership Hotline: 413-244-5374

Charlie Touchette                                                               Veronica Frantz-Eggleston
Executive Director                                                              Membership Manager
Cell Phone: 413-529-9100                                                 Cell Phone: 413-244-5374
Charlie@Whiteloafridge.com                                           Veronica@Whiteloafridge.com

Jeff Winston                                                                         Nicole Touchette
Education and Resources Manager                                 Membership Coordinator
Cell Phone: 413-588-7807                                                 Cell Phone: 413-320-7619
Jeff@Whiteloafridge.com                                                  Nicole@Whiteloafridge.com

Melinda Shaw
Business Manager
Cell Phone: 413-320-6771

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