The Educational Program will offer a wide variety of concurrent sessions pertaining to the following general tracks:

Advanced Learning Review – We have held 12 Advanced Learning Retreats (ALR), and many of the owners and managers of the ALR host farms will be presenting concurrent sessions which will incorporate an overview of their farm, the evolution that their farm has taken since our ALR event, and the core values and/or pivotal foundations of their success as a farm direct marketing and agritourism business over the years.

AgriTourism Innovation – Experience multiple A-Ha moments from folks who are simply doing it well. Whether it be through their events, weddings, retail shops, concession stands, or on-farm activities, these sessions will simply inspire.

Marketing and Promotion – One of the biggest struggles of any business is how to best let the public know that you exist, and express the variety of activities and events that you have to offer.  These sessions will shed some light on the best marketing and promotions practices and give you a deeper understanding on social media marketing strategies.

Food and Beverage –  Gain a better understanding about what varieties of food and beverage sell the best and are the most profitable, learn how to best display them in your retail and concession areas, and discover what technologies now exist to deliver educational content to the consumer about the very foods that you are offering.

Professional Service Development – From limited liability laws to whole farm risk assessment, learn from a variety of service providers how to enhance many aspects of your businesses for better profitability and to protect yourself and your visitors.

Business Development Roundtables – A variety of small group Business Development Roundtables will be offered throughout the Educational Program. Christmas Tree Production returns as one of the sessions as more folks are starting to embrace this value-added product.