NAFDMA was founded in 1986 and is a membership-based non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing the farm direct marketing and agritourism industry.

We are entrepreneurial farm families who invite customers to visit our farms and experience the food and the fun we create in our effort to sustain our land and livelihood.

MISSION: Growing the prosperity of our members.

VALUES: teamwork, excellence, positive attitude, creativity, empowerment, commitment, accountability

VISION: We aspire to be the world’s leading association for farm direct marketers and agritourism operators through building relationships while providing education, business development, employee training, and farm diversification resources.

farmers inspired includes innovative, resilient, and creative farmers, extension agents, industry suppliers, researchers, farmers’ market participants, government officials and other professionals who are part of the thriving farm direct marketing and agritourism industry in North America.

farmers inspired advances agritourism, on-farm retail, pick your own, consumer-supported agriculture, direct delivery, farmers markets, and other direct farm-to-consumer channels offering food, fiber, flora, fuel, and fun.

farmers inspired facilitates events, resources, communications, and peer-to-peer exchanges that bring new relationships, opportunities, growth, and success to those who participate.

We are farmers.

We help develop fertile businesses that cultivate crops, raise livestock, grow, bake, prune, brew, produce, boil, propagate, ferment, preserve, mix, and sell products that add value for the community and advance the agrarian economy.

We believe in collective improvement, standing up for what we believe in, doing what’s right, and are willing to buck the norms of conventional wisdom.

We embrace farming as our way of life, invest in others, and ourselves, and possess a ‘get it done’ attitude.

We strive to sustain a healthy balance of tradition and innovation in educating and connecting the non-farming public with agriculture, farms, and families that are stewards of the land.

We are dedicated to the advancement of farm-based businesses that create the foundation for incredible farm visits, lasting memories, nurturing foods, and family traditions.

We celebrate farms and promote smiles.

We are newly established farms, multi-generational farms and small business entrepreneurs that might at any time include innovative new farm enterprises that support the industry.

We are progressive farmers who embrace cutting-edge activities in farm diversification where agriculture and people meet.

We are pioneers and innovators who do not settle for “good enough” – We strive for excellence!

farmers inspired is committed to supporting family farms. Direct marketing is not for all farms, but for those who choose to sell their products directly to consumers, farmers inspired is here to help.

Board of Directors

Retailer Seat, Term ends 2020
Stephanie Quinn, Quinn Farm, Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, QC

While I didn’t grow up on a farm, my father was an agricultural service provider and made sure we had every opportunity to learn about agriculture. I was actively involved in 4-H and went on to work for the provincial 4-H office for many years. There I discovered my passion for organizing activities and events for people which led me to complete my degree in Leisure and Recreation. While working for 4-H I met Phil Quinn, whose family had been in the agri-tourism business since 1982 and had been longstanding members of NAFDMA. I quickly fell in love with the business where I could combine my passion for agriculture, educating people and organizing events. I have only been involved with NAFDMA  for a few years, but so quickly saw how much the organization had to offer and how willing the members were to share, support and help us build our business. I hope to be able to bring my knowledge and experience from serving on other boards to NAFDMA and I fully anticipate to benefit from personal growth while being involved.

Vice President
Northeast Seat – Term Ends 2020
Amy Holmberg, Holmberg Orchards & Winery

Amy is Retail Manager and 4th generation family member at Holmberg Orchards & Winery, located in southeastern Connecticut. She plays an active role in the farm’s diversified retail operations, including Pick-Your-Own, Winery and a bustling year-round Farm Market and bakery. Amy also oversees HR and Marketing for the farm business as well.  Additionally, she runs multiple large-scale farm events, most notably an annual Spring Festival that attracts thousands and includes a full farmer’s market, food trucks and features farm tours and winery tastings to kick off the season.

I am honored to be considered for the NAFDMA Board of Directors. I believe organizations thrive on the participation of its members; we are best able to meet the needs of a group when it is consistently and diversely represented. I’ve pushed myself far outside my introverted comfort zone at past conferences to network with other members, and the reward has been great. I feel I am ready to step further outside that zone to help build NAFDMA into something that can grow to meet a wider audience and tackle the ever-changing consumer.

Vice President
West Seat, Term ends 2021
Jay Schwinn – Schwinn Produce Farm

In 2014 Schwinn Produce Farm LLC was honored to host the NAFDMA conference at their fourth generation family farm. Jay was immediately struck with the organization and more importantly its members. From that conference forward the desire to promote Agritourism has driven Jay to get involved. farmers inspired has proven time and time again that Agri-entrepreneurs of any size can benefit from this amazing group of forward-thinking, united through NAFDMA individuals.

Jay currently manages The Barn at Schwinn Produce Farm and in 2017 opened, with his cousin, a new Agritourism destination, Salt Creek Valley Agriventures LLC. Jay also serves as the Chair of the Kansas Agritourism Advisory Council and as a Commissioner of the Leavenworth Kansas Planning and Zoning board.

Vice President
Non-Owner Seat Term ends 2021
Kim Sisco, Whitehouse Fruit Farm Inc.

White House Fruit Farm is a fourth generation farm. Kim is from the third generation and began working on the farm as a young child. Her first job was folding baskets, which all farm children know leads to field work and beyond. After leaving the farm to get an education and raise a family, Kim returned to serve in various positions before choosing to grow the fall gift market. She presently manages the gift market and is busy developing yearly events on the farm.

Kim was first introduced to NAFDMA by Debbie Pifer, the farm market manager/owner. The energy, ideas, support, and openness of all the members, who are leaders in the industry, challenged her and set the course of growth for the fall gift market, as well as other areas on the farm.
She believes we all benefit when we take an active role in the areas that enrich us personally and professionally. Serving as a board member allows her to give back to the association that has spurred that growth.

Grower Seat, Term ends 2019
Jeff Probst, Blooms & Berries Farm Market, Loveland, OH

Jeff Probst grew up in a rural setting with a childhood focus on creativity, education and the outdoors.  When he turned 14, his parents Dave and Cathy Probst moved to the family farm, fired up the 1957 Ford tractor and showed a young Jeff how to plant strawberries. Next were pumpkins and produce. Eventually, his family built a small garden center and Blooms & Berries was founded so Jeff could learn life skills, develop a solid work ethic and ultimately pay his own way through college. What followed was a realization of a passion and the recognition that being a good person?in conjunction with hard work, dedication, passion, and a plan brings amazing opportunity. In 2012, Jeff married his wife Emily as added proof of his blessings. By 2013 Blooms & Berries sales experienced a 20% increase. Another year, another conference and 2014 brought about a 53% increase in Fall sales and an overall annual increase of 30% yet above 2013. Jeff expects another amazing and blessed year in 2015 as he and his wife Emily welcome the birth of their first child in March and the construction of new market barn to be opened May. Jeff says, “I have a passion for direct to consumer agriculture, innovative ideas, continuous improvement and helping others. I believe NAFDMA embodies all of the above, explaining why I respect and admire the people of NAFDMA so very much. My areas of strength are fueled by my ongoing optimism, and they generally revolve around new business development, mid-term strategic planning, and some risk assessment. I feel serving on the Board of Advisors will be a great way for me to begin to pay back this organization for the huge contributions to my business and my future.”

Entertainer Seat – Term Ends 2019
Amy Ladd, Lucky Ladd Farms, Eagleville, TN

Amy Ladd with her husband Jason owns and operate Lucky Ladd Farms in the community of Eagleville, Tennessee where they are involved in agritourism and farm direct marketing. What began as a hobby has quickly evolved into Tennessee’s largest petting farm and a premier agritourism destination for thousands of families in Middle Tennessee each year. Amy’s professional experience also includes working with agritourism, direct farm marketing, and value-added producers in the areas of business development and marketing during her tenure with the University of Tennessee, Center for Profitable Agriculture. Amy received a B.S. degree in Business Administration in 2002 and went on to complete her M.B.A. in 2005, both from Middle Tennessee State University. Amy shared the following sentiments when joining the NAFDMA farmers inspired Board, “This organization has been a key factor in the success of our business. The relationships we have made and information we have yielded through our participation over the years has been invaluable. I believe in paying it forward and would love the opportunity to not only help this organization grow but also to serve as a mentor to other startup operations.”

Southeast Seat, Term ends 2021
Rebecca McArthur, McArthur Farms

The lady in the tractor seat at McArthur Farms is Rebecca McArthur. She was born and raised in South Carolina. Rebecca is a graduate of Francis Marion University and FDTC with degrees in Biology and Nursing. The daughter of the late Lester and Clara McArthur, she is also the youngest of three children. Rebecca loves God, family, friends, the beach, and her animals. Working in agriculture and then the nursing field, she was faced with a decision … “Which career do you want to do?”… and from that point, McArthur Farms became a working dream. McArthur Farms is a 400-acre working farm with a farm market, bakery, catering services, and an agritourism farm. McArthur Farms specializes in small fruit/ vegetables and berry production as well as traditional row crops including corn, cotton, and soybeans. “My first NAFDMA conference was in Pennsylvania with 2 blizzards. It was the BEST money I spent for my farm.” Rebecca has attended each conference since then. “NAFDMA has allowed me to meet and make friends who are more like family. I could never repay this organization for the value it has provided me and my farm!” Rebecca will continue to help grow, promote, challenge, and share the core values for which NAFDMA stands. “I look forward to serving our membership!”

Lisa Dean – Membership Development & Services Manager

Lisa graduated from Clarkson University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Technology Management. After spending 7 years in the corporate marketing world, Lisa decided to seek an opportunity that was fundamentally grounded in helping the community. NAFDMA was the result of that search! Lisa lives in Central New York with her husband and two kitties, Willow & Daisy. She is committed to providing the best member experience possible and looks forward to assisting you with any benefit needs you may have.

Jeff Winston – Education & Operations Manager

Having previously worked as a film/video producer in Philadelphia and as a high school English teacher in Massachusetts, Jeff now lives in Asheville, NC with his wife Alli and has been working for White Loaf Ridge Management Company since September 2013. Today, Jeff is the Education and Operations Manager for NAFDMA and oversees the planning and implementation of all aspects of member engagement, education, and resources within the organization.