Are you connected to the hot, the hip, and the now?  Understanding pop culture and being able to spontaneously respond can be an important tool to develop your business and there’s opportunity (and challenge) afoot!

Sometimes the real questions when a craze hits is Does this impact my business and how?  But in reality, I’m sure most farmers are rarely concerned when it comes to mobile phone games, because How could a mobile phone game possibly impact my business?  Except of course when those games begin to trickle and or simply flood into our reality.  Such is the case with Pokémon Go.


In the last week Pokémon Go has literally flooded our reality through the lens of mobile phones held by players young and old.  Farmer-Members are responding in real time in our members-only Facebook Group sharing their challenges and unique ideas to be spontaneous, capitalize, and connect with this new innovation to grow their business.
I’m not going to go any further into the intellectual discussion of what the possibilities are to use this peer-to-peer network that NAFDMA members engage in to learn, innovate, and succeed here.  Instead, consider joining as a Premium Member to get in on the conversation so that you can experience and reap the benefits yourself.
The NAFDMA Facebook group is a Premium Member benefit that offers farm owners-and managers that are included in the bundle-the opportunity to connect in real time about day-to-day problem solving discussions, sharing successes, networking, and most evident in this particular example how to capitalize on innovations in culture.  This benefit is accessible by two individuals per membership.  For farms that wish to allow more managers to tap into this and other informative benefits there is an additional charge of $30 per person, allowing as many managers and owners to join in the conversation as the farm wishes.  Many members consider this to be worth its weight in gold and through searching and posting have found the answers that they need to thrive.  Farmers engaged in farm direct marketing and agritourism should join to access this and the multitude of other business development benefits.

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