Running a farm-based business is a combination of long hours of routine work punctuated by flat-out adrenaline. Anything Bumpsthat can make your work go farther, faster, and soften the bumps in the road, goes a long way. Being a part of a large group of people who know exactly what you’re experiencing, who have their own tips, resources and insights is invaluable. Hearing from experts who are willing to share their knowledge, expertise and know-how online, through email, in a magazine, and at annual convention and live programming is priceless.

We will put you on to dozens of benefits, services and resources. But the only benefit that will generate your membership renewal next year is a better business for you, in the context of your life, attributable to NAFDMA, as ROI on your membership dues. We get it.

NAFDMA is many things to many people. But above all, this organization is all about the business of farm direct marketing and agritourism. Tangible. Pragmatic. Measurable.

Every conversation contributes to business success.

Be the contact person responsible for making your farm a NAFDMA member. Join. Succeed. Expand.

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