“If you are not growing, you are dying.”  That’s one of the most common quotes in nature, and in business. But what does growing mean? In business, it means having an eye for the future no matter how little or how far progressed you are in the present.

It doesn’t matter if you are an 8th generation farm operating a year-round farm market, or a beginning farmer sellingAlstede Family at farmers’ market for your first season. Everyone has a next step in growth to be achieved – everyone has a next horizon. NAFDMA is dedicated to taking you there.

For some, it is the balance of life, family and business that will determine success in the upcoming years.

For some, it is the desire to help your family understand your vision of implementing changes on your farm, and the determination to find examples of success that validate your vision.

For some, it is forwarding the passion for the farm today into the full-time farming life you want tomorrow.

NAFDMA has helped countless members achieve what you are setting out to do. And we can connect you to them.

You might already have the biggest agritourism destination in your region, but adding that new building to get you to your next level is daunting. Let us connect you with seasoned peers who’ve got that covered.

Wondering where to turn when it’s time to start thinking about an exit plan from the business that you have poured your life into? There are no silver bullets, but NAFDMA members can help get you to this next horizon too.

Join as a Premium Member. It’s the first step toward achieving the future you are looking for.

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I would attribute our membership with NAFDMA from our first year of operation as one of the top three factors attributing to our rapid growth and success.” — Amy Ladd, Lucky Ladd Farms, Eagleville, TN, member since 2011