Membership Matters

Invest in the future of your farm, your family, your business and the industry.

Membership Simplified

While every member has unique needs, we all have a common purpose…to grow the family farm into a viable business for generations to come.

Membership Together

field The future is bright. Make your voice heard to support our unique Industry needs.
doc Gather Resources and Insights to create best practices.
tools Provide Peer-to-Peer Solutions to meet consumer demands and trends.
live Join in and support one another with Education and Networking opportunities.
talk Connect with industry leaders and advocates.

Don’t Miss Out! By being a member of NAFDMA-Farmers Inspired, you’ll be a part of the collective voice that will move farm direct marketing and agritourism forward for the betterment of your farm and your community.


Please browse through these website pages to learn more about our association and how we may be able to help you achieve your dreams for the life you want to live. For a complete list of membership Benefits, visit our Membership Comparison page.

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